Cold supply key in upping African exports 2012.4.27

According to Steve Cameron of the UK Business Council for Africa, the reliability and cost of the cold chain was the key to growing Africa's fruit and vegetable exports in the face of growing competition.

"There is plenty of SA and European experience available to help reduce the costs and improve the reliability of deliveries of the cold supply chain in Africa, he said".

"What also needs to happen is that the productivity at the farm level has to be increased as yields in Africa are still well below those in Latin America," Cameron said.

he said the privatisation of ports had given buyers and suppliers more options with regards to entry and exit points, but there was not enough capacity as demands had been rising and ports had not expanded and storage facilities not improved.

"There are vested interests such as trade unions and domestic manufacturers that would prefer to have inefficient ports as that provides barriers to entry to imports, so the concessioning of Nigerian ports by President Obessanjo required immense political courage. That provided an example for other African politicians and we are heartened by the progress in improving logistics over the past few years," he concluded.


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