Chinese Vice Prime Minister Hui Liangyu Leads Agricultural Delegation's Visit to Zhongpin and Praise 2011.03.23

Chinese Vice Prime Minister Hui Liangyu Leads Agricultural Delegation's Visit to Zhongpin and Praise




Zhongpin Inc. (Nasdaq: HOGS, "Zhongpin"), a leading meat and food processing company in the People's Republic of China, today announced that Chinese Vice Prime Minister Hui Liangyu led an agricultural delegation to visit Zhongpin and praised its operations.



On March 21, 2011, Mr. Hui Liangyu, Vice Prime Minister of China, visited Zhongpin, accompanied by vice governors and deputy mayors who are primarily in charge of agriculture in many provinces, cities, and districts. Officers of the Ministry Of Agriculture and the Development and Reform Commission also attended. The delegation's visit was part of the National Agricultural Conference.


Mr. Zhu Xianfu, Chairman and CEO of Zhongpin, reported on Zhongpin's recent developments to the Vice Prime Minister and the delegation.


Mr. Hui acknowledged the rapid development of Zhongpin, saying, "When I first became Vice Prime Minister in March 2003, the first stop on my tour within China was in Henan province. At that time, when I visited your company, your revenues were around several hundred million RMB per year. Now Zhongpin has become so large in eight years, it clearly was not very easy to accomplish."


Mr. Zhu responded, "Zhongpin's rapid development has been largely attributable to our supply chain consolidation and standardization of our management processes."


Mr. Hui added, "What is the largest industry in the world -- that would be the food industry.  It produces something that everyone needs every day. It is an industry that will never decline and is a one-time consumption industry.


"Zhongpin's business incorporates all three levels of industry – primary, secondary, and tertiary – into one complete and extended chain that also has been increasing its value added."


During his inspection, Mr. Hui visited Zhongpin's production operations and cold storage facilities in Changge, and gave high praise for the company's food safety, farming cooperative model, product development, industrial layout, and cold-chain logistics.


The Vice Prime Minister's visit signifies an important opportunity for Zhongpin to expand its market share and gain favorable government policies.


About Zhongpin


Zhongpin Inc. is a meat and food processing company that specializes in pork and pork products, vegetables, and fruits in China. Its distribution network in the Chinacovers 20 provinces plus Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Chongqing and includes more than 3,300 retail outlets. Zhongpin's export markets include the Europe, Hong Kong, and certain countries in Asia.


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